June 20, 2019

#handmade. For real! 📐✂🎀📏✡️


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January 27, 2019

Sunday morning tefilla with the great-grandfather. Best quality time of all.

Wishing you a pleasant weekend!

January 23, 2019

Our latest creation.
Happy to meet all our customers needs

December 25, 2018

We are keeping the tradition alive. 

December 11, 2018

One day tradition, culture and history met and immediately Talled di Seta was born. Thanks to Simone Somekh for writing about us on Forward.com


July 26, 2018

The eternal moment of a blessing

June 6, 2018

Our customers are asking always new customization options and we are prooud and happy to share some of our favorite works.

In fact we offer the possibility to customize:

  • Tallit’s Atarà (second layer on correspondence of the neck)

  • Tallit’s corners

  • Tallit’s b...

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Talled di Seta on Vogue Australia

September 2, 2019

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August 19, 2019

April 18, 2019

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